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Dining in Dublin: Two Boys Brew

Dining in Dublin: Two Boys Brew

In Dublin you either live on the northside or the southside. I have always been a southsider. When I moved here my school was on the southside, so I stayed on campus and I haven’t lived more than about a 10-minute drive of this area since.  

When P and I first started dating, he lived on the northside but once we moved in together, he was back on the south. When he was living on the northside there were so many more pubs, shops, and restaurants we frequented. We didn’t even go very far typically but my horizons of Dublin were wider when I had a reason to go north.

Seeing as I had a recent appointment in Dublin city centre, I knew this was the perfect time to finally try Two Boys Brew. I have followed them on Instagram for ages and had heard anyone I knew that had eaten there rave all about it. But alas, I rarely trek to the northside, even if it means a delicious brunch awaits me there.

Inside of Two Boys Brew in Dublin, Ireland

I went to Two Boys Brew on a rainy Tuesday morning and was met by the sweetest staff. I was dining alone so I took a seat in the window right up front. Even for a Tuesday morning, the restaurant had such a buzzy atmosphere. There were groups of friends brunchin’, workers from around the area popping in for coffees, and a few others like me enjoying some alone time.

After much deliberation between the Blackberry & Pear Ricotta Hotcake and the Miso Mushroom Toast, my love of mushrooms prevailed, and I ordered the toast. On the recommendation of the waitress, I also added a side of chorizo.

The portion of the Miso Mushroom Toast is more than fair for what you pay. If you are a mushroom lover, you will die for this dish. Straight up, this meal was perfect, and I wouldn’t recommend adding the chorizo to it. This dish is outstanding on its own. Yes, chorizo is a weak spot for a lot of us, but I would skip it and enjoy the Miso Mushroom Toast for exactly what it is.

The mushrooms are huge, the eggs poached to perfection, and do not even get me started on that fresh homemade onion brioche with sweet garlic confit. I can taste the meal again as I am writing this, and man, is my mouth watering. I did take a photo of the meal but P informed it was not great so use your imagination here, okay?

icedlatteedit (1 of 1).jpg

I would liken Two Boys Brew to Meet Me in the Morning. No fuss, cool atmosphere, and a damn fine cup of (iced) coffee. More specifically iced lattes but I couldn’t resist a reference to my favorite character on Twin Peaks. I have a real gripe with the lack of ice in iced coffee in Europe, but Two Boys Brew did not let me down here.

Would I make the trip back to Two Boys Brew? In a heartbeat. Perfect for time alone with a slow cup of coffee and something to read, or a lazy morning brunch. I would love to see the place on the weekend when I am sure they’re in full force. Add this one to your Dublin to do list!


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