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September 2018 Favourites

September 2018 Favourites

Seeing as it took me until nearly the end of September to get my August favorites post up, I am going into this post with higher hopes that it will be published in early October. I am currently sitting in The Gin Palace sipping a pint of Bulmer’s because for some reason it is 19 degrees today. I love a pint (or 4) of Bulmer’s when it is warm. I was in such a rush to leave the house today that I forgot a coat and I was cursing myself on the way to the bus stop. Turns out that today my mistake has served me well as a jacket would have only worn me down. 

I am off today because I worked the weekend. Working the weekend isn’t my favorite but I do get a day off in lieu and I love to go into town on a weekday when it isn’t as busy. Sometimes I save the days for longer breaks like when I take time off at Thanksgiving or for when we go to Lisbon at the end of October. Since I am working so many weekends so close this introvert decided to take Monday off to get a break from being at work. I hate that feeling of having to be ‘on’ for so long. While I know professionally I must keep it together, mentally it crushes me.  So, a pint while I work on blog posts is deserved. I can sometimes beat myself up for taking time out like this for myself, but it is so, so important to or I would lose my mind. 

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URBAN DECAY TOASTED EYESHADOW – I love to do my hair and makeup but not when I am going to work. For work I keep things simple, but I still seem to wear the most makeup in the whole place! Like every other girl out there I am a fan of and own the original Naked palette from Urban Decay. The pallete they for some reason have decided to discontinue. I guess I can see why when I have had mine for 4 years (kinda gross but true) and wasn’t looking into buying another one anytime soon, if at all. There are two shades in my pallet that are completely gone – Toasted and Sidecar. I had been meaning to replace Toasted for a while since it was my favorite of the two. Anytime I tried to buy the shadow individually it was ALWAYS sold out. By chance I popped into the Urban Decay on Grafton Street a week ago and they had it! €18, but I have been using it every day and it is such a good shade to wear on its own or mixed with others.

GLOSSIER CLOUD PAINT IN BEAM – I feel like I mention Glossier a lot (see here, here, and here!) but it is because I genuinely like their products! I have had this blush since December, but I have only recently decided to try the formula again because I just could not get it to function previously and I am so loyal to my MAC Blushbaby blush. Beam is labeled as a “soft peach” on the Glossier website and I would have to agree with that. A little bit of this goes a long way. I originally ordered Dusk/Beam from the Cloud Paint Duo deal but when the package arrived Glossier accidently sent Puff and Haze too! It was a Christmas miracle! Now I need to add Storm and Dawn, so the family is complete. These are good on their own but even better when you mix to make your own unique shade. 

THE ORDINARY NATURAL MOISTURIZING FACTORS + HA – I originally ordered a small size (30ML) of this just in case I didn’t like it. The Ordinary products cost nothing, but I still didn’t want to be stuck with a huge thing of moisturizer that I would guilt myself into using because it had been bought, even if I didn’t like it. Well, that small tube was used until it was squeezed to death nearly and I went back to purchase the bigger size (100ML). This is thick for winter, but it doesn’t feel like your skin is being weighed down. For €7.70, you can’t beat it. I also love their Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1% treatment and can’t recommend it enough if you’re prone to breakouts.


I rarely go see movies in the theatre, like no matter how bad I want to see them. I just usually wait and watch them online later. Both movies I am recommending were out recently enough (to me anyway) but I didn’t go to the cinema to see them because as I get older, the less I like/care about going to the cinema. I don’t get paying to sit in a dark room with strangers when I can sit in my overpriced rent apartment and watch movies on the Wi-Fi we pay for! *Since writing this and finding the posters to put in I have discovered these movies came out within a week of each other LAST December, lol.



THE DISASTER ARTIST – If you’re not familiar with the story here, basically this guy Tommy Wiseau was not a good actor, had a ton of money, and made his own film, The Room. The Room is now regarded as the best worst movie ever and has a cult following. I didn’t have any expectations for this but I ended up really enjoying it. James and Dave Franco work so well together on camera and it is full of actors you’ll recongnize that I had no clue were in it! It is slightly sad but overall it it made me laugh and was the perfect Saturday night movie to enjoy on the couch with a bottle of wine.



THREE BILLBOARDS OUTSIDE OF EBBING MISSOURI – If you like drama/crime, and especially like them together then this a film for you. Frances McDormand, Woody Harrelson, and Sam Rockwell are all in it and I think they are all amazing in basically anything they’ve ever been in so to have all 3 in one movie is fantastic. I don’t want to give too much away but a mother who wants answers about her daughter’s murder will stop at nothing to find them. Just watch it and thank me later. 

WHAT I LISTENED TO – As the fall/autumn approaches my music always goes slightly more indie. This might be the most cohesive playlist yet!


H&M HIGH WAISTED JEANS – Remember that capsule wardrobe I was meant to be making? Yeah, I just abandoned it. I mentioned in my Four Years in Éireann post Needs vs. Wants and that I find myself much less materialistic. I don’t buy an insane amount of clothes anyway and I am conscience to make sure what I do buy, I will wear and that it will go with what is in my closet already. I have 2 pairs of blue jeans that I really like but both pairs are from America. Finding jeans here has never been easy for me and I was on the lookout for a pair of super high-waisted jeans. I had time to kill before an appointment recently, so I popped into H&M and they are on point this season! I almost didn’t even try the jeans on, but I am so glad I did! They come up so high and are the perfect wash. A steal for €20! Sorry y’all but I can’t find the exact pair online to link here. I also loved this dress, but the boobies were out just a bit too much for my liking.  It might be cute on someone with a smaller chest!

BRAVE SOUL FRESH RIBBED JUMPER – I did a huge clear out of my wardrobe this summer and a good number of my sweaters were donated. They were generally worn out or I didn’t like them anymore. So, when this sweater that was sitting in my saved items on ASOS went on super sale I placed an order before my size was gone. I can’t wait to start wearing it with my fall skirts and tights. I am on the lookout for new knee-length black leather boots if y’all know if any good ones. I wore my last pair from New Look to death…it was so bad I just had to throw them away. So, a good sturdy recommendation please!


As the weather cools down I was looking for some really cozy and filling meals. Like I mentioned earlier, I am also feeling more confident in the kitchen, so I wanted to try new recipes for myself as well. Eating the same old, same old can get boring! I love to use the BBC Good Food website for recipes and only recently they discovered they also have an app. It is so handy to store recipes in and even make collections to keep them in. My two collections so far are ‘slow cooker’ and ‘soup’, go figure. It is almost like Pinterest but only for recipes! Both recipes I am sharing today are ones I found while using the app.

SAUSAGE & MUSHROOM POT PIES - This meal was so easy to make and so comforting, it is definitely being added to the winter meal rotation. I used a large baking dish and I found the ingredients to just barely cover the dish. I would recommend doubling the ingredients if you like to make the meal last for a few days like I do. The mustard in this is soooo good and I am not a huge mustard fan but it makes the dish!

SARA’S CHILI CON CARNE - I don’t know who Sara is but thanks girl for the best and easiest chili recipe ever! If you know me, you know I L O V E a slow cooker/crock pot. I had always wanted to try to make chili in my crock pot but never found a recipe I liked enough. I thought this one was odd with the sundried tomatoes but I love them so I wanted to give it a go. Now, I did make a couple of alterations to the recipe but they worked! Instead of sundried tomatoes, I used semi-sundried tomatoes because we always have them in our house. Random, but they’re such a good snack! I also realized I didn’t have chili powder or cumin so instead I used taco powder I had. Serve it with rice, cheese, sour cream, whatever you please!

September was not my busiest month in terms of content and I know I have mentioned it before but that is because my job has been crazy busy. June through September is typically our busy season, but this year was insane. I am hoping it calms down soon because as much as I love having a weekday off to do as I please, the American work ethic in me sometimes has a hard time of forgetting work when I am not at work. I am totally guilty of bringing work home and checking my email on weekends and when I am off. I am trying to get better. Funny how I do that but physically being around everyone is the thing that makes me feel like I need a break. All that said, I am consistently seeing new visitors from all around the globe to the site and my page views are increasing. It is nice to know what you’re writing is being read and hopefully helping someone. If you’re one of the many new readers around here, dia dhuit (hello) from Ireland!

In case you did miss any posts in September they can all be found here. Shocker – I blogged a lot about Ireland!

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I love hearing from y’all! If you want to say hello, have an idea for a post you would like to see me do, or want to collaborate, you can contact me here. I am trying to do better across all social media platforms but I have taken a particular liking to Pinterest if you want to follow along there as I keep pinning and creating new boards for what seems like anything and everything.

One last thing! P and I are headed to Lisbon soon so if you have any recommendations for where we should eat/drink/visit please let me know! Neither of us have never been to Portugal so I am open to your ideas!

DISCLAIMER:  I am not a member of any affiliate programs, so I will not make any commission if you do make any purchases from the links included in this post. 

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Discovering Dublin: GPO Witness History Museum

Discovering Dublin: GPO Witness History Museum

Exploring Ireland: Dunmore East

Exploring Ireland: Dunmore East