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July 2018 Favourites

July 2018 Favourites

Happy August y’all! This July post is going up about a week late, lol. We have been so lucky in Ireland that most of the month was actually warm. It seems we are taking the warmth into August and while I will never complain (lies) about the heat, I am ready for autumn! I got rid of a lot of my autumn/winter clothes but I am going to try and work a capsule wardrobe with what I have left. That’s not to say I won’t pick up a few pieces though! 

There is so much going on at work for me right now, this is definitely one of our busier times each year so I have been fairly quiet around here and Instagram. This blog doesn’t pay the bills so it has to take a backseat when reality calls. This blog is a hobby, not a career so real life and real responsibilities come first! 

I didn’t think too much happened this month but this long post says otherwise. Hope you enjoy and maybe you will find some new bits and bobs to try and/or buy! As always, I am not a member of any affiliate programs, so I will not make any commission if you do make any purchases from the links included in this post. 




If you live outside of Ireland this will not make much sense to you. If you do live in Ireland and haven’t watched this, what are you waiting for? I watched the show first and the movie after, but they’re really meant to be viewed the other way around so make sure to watch the film first! 


Glossier Priming Moisturizer, Dove Shower Mousse, and ELF No Budge Shadow Stick

GLOSSIER PRIMING MOISTURIZER – I got this moisturizer as part of the Glossier Phase 1 Set. I knew I loved the Milky Jelly Cleanser and Balm Dotcom and needed to re-stock on them but wanted to try the Priming Moisturizer too so this little set came in handy! I do like this moisturizer and it couldn’t have come during a better time than this heatwave Ireland has been experiencing. It is super light but extremely moisturizing. Do I think it is worth €21 on its own? Not really, but I do like it so I will more than likely re-purchase. 

DOVE SHOWER MOUSSE – I was so suspicious of this as I had never tried a shower mouse before, but I love the smell of rose so for €4 I thought I would give it a go. Oh my gosh, I love the texture and the scent of the mouse! I thought it may feel like bathing with shaving cream, but it isn’t at all. That said, this does make an excellent shaving cream too.  It is so much softer on the skin that normal soap and the scent fills the entire shower. They also make other scents with coconut oil and aragan oil, but the rose is the winner for me. I wouldn’t replace normal shower gel with a mouse full-time, but it is a nice change!

ELF NO BUDGE SHADOW STICK – I got these really want to try the Glossier Lidstar but I didn’t want to pay for them, so when I found these £5 eyeshadows in Edinburgh I purchased 2 for less than what 1 Lidstar would have cost me. I purchased the Rose Gold and Metallic Mocha. Rose Gold is a light, shimmery shade that is good for work/every day wear. The Metallic Mocha is a darker shade that is good for a night out but I will also use it more once autumn arrives. For £ 5 each I can’t complain! ELF only recently made its way over to Ireland so I was happy to see more of the products in the UK because I have always liked their range. Here’s to hoping we get more products in Ireland soon!


So, you might know that I am obsessed with the series The Handmaid’s Tale. So much so that it has made its way onto March Favourites and May Favourites. After finishing season 2 and now having to wait until APRIL 2019 for season 3, I thought now was a more than an appropriate time to re-read the book. I first read the book about 6 years ago and I could not put it down. I think it was taking me a little longer to read this time because I was looking for parts they pulled out for the show. If you haven’t read it, definitely do. Especially if you haven’t watched the show yet. I think I am going to re-read 1984 next!


I can’t even begin to tell y’all how much I love mushrooms. I will order a dish at a restaurant if it has them or I will add them if they’re an option for a side. My co-worker (and fellow mushroom lover) shared this recipe with me knowing I would appreciate it. Even if you don’t love them, you’ll like this! P really liked it and he isn’t a huge fan of mushrooms. The dish is surprisingly low in calories but is high in flavour. It is super simple to make and one of those dishes where you don’t have to buy anything you won’t ever use again. I added some rice in to fill it out and it was lovely! This has definitely earned a place in the meal rotation. 


I know I already mentioned this in a previous post, but the menu at San Lorenzo’s is extensive so this is a great option if you’re going with a big group or a picky eater. I love they are upfront on their website that their weekend brunch includes loud music, so if you are looking for a relaxing, read the paper and sip your coffee kind of brunch, this ain’t for you. The brunch isn’t loud but it is busy and fast-paced. The total bill, including a cocktail, came in under €40 – more than average for good brunch in Dublin. I’ll be back to try that watermelon bellini!  

Peach Bellini at San Lorenzo's in Dublin, Ireland


I impulse bought this dress online about 2 seconds after seeing it. That is SO unlike me but I am glad I did because it sold out so quickly. I love a midi-dress and had been looking for one in a similar style to this for a while so when I saw this for an affordable price I jumped on it. If you saw my Instagram stories a few weeks ago you would know I am trying (and slightly failing) to make a capsule wardrobe. Part of this attempt included not purchasing clothes but since a dress like this had been on my list, I ignored the rules and it paid off. Part of the ‘not buying clothes’ process is to help in defining what it is you actually want and will wear. How much will I realistically wear this in Ireland is a joke but I am happy to have it for the little bit of warm weather we do get and for holidays abroad. I love New Look shoes so I am glad I gave their clothes a chance and will be back for more, no doubt! P.S. - they're aren't many sizes left but there is a long sleeve version of the dress here and a similar style with a pattern I am LOVING here. Excuse the quality of the photo - it was taken on my old iPhone and only meant to be sent to my mom! 

Orange Floral Wrap Front Midi Dress from New Look on Candid Alexandra

WHAT I LISTENED TO: Let’s just be real – these playlists are always a mix of the most random songs. But I like sharing them so I don’t forget them and maybe you will find something new! 

This month on the blog in terms of travel, I shared my Edinburgh City Guide and Wicklow Weekends. I also answered a few frequently asked questions about working abroad in Working Overseas – What You Need to Know & Might Not Know Who to Ask! I got slightly vulnerable in Growing Up & Growing Apart – something that seemed to resonate with a number of you because it was the most popular post this month! 

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Liebster Award Nomination(s)

Liebster Award Nomination(s)

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