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First Time Facial at The Buff Day Spa

First Time Facial at The Buff Day Spa

Hi guys! Today I wanted to talk about something that isn’t new but is something I recently tried for the first time – facials! I feel like I finally have my skin in a really good spot except for those pesky breakouts right before my period. My skin is looking and feeling the best it has in a long time but it felt like there was something else I could be doing to make sure it is as healthy as it can be. With this in mind and a stressful few weeks behind me I decided to book in for my first ever facial. 

I had no clue where to begin so I Googled “best facial in Dublin” and as you would imagine I was bombarded with options. When I am looking for a trustworthy list for Dublin related queries I usually head to Lovin Dublin since they typically don’t let me down with their recommendations. Five Fantastic and Relaxing Dublin Salons to Get a Facial That Actually Works came up and was published June 2018 so I was happy that within that time frame the salons would still be open and as satisfactory as mentioned in the article. I had a look at the spas listed but something about The Buff Day Spa stuck out. The location was great (off the green Luas line!), the prices were fair, and there were so many options for different facials. 

The Dermalogica Spa Custom Facial seemed to have everything I was looking for in a first time facial. The most important aspect of the facial to me was being able to talk to a professional about any improvements I could make to help my skin, and the steps to achieve them. This facial was totally customized to suit my needs which was exactly what I was looking for.

I think I have fairly healthy skin but I was happy to hear it from the therapist that my skin is actually healthy. It made me feel better to hear a professional confirm this! We went through a bit of my skin history and what I have been doing these last few months that has helped to improve my skin so much. To my surprise the therapist told me to keep doing what I was doing if I liked the products I was using and if my skin was reacting well to them. I had my mind set that I was going to go into the facial and be told I was doing everything wrong and spoken about to her coworkers later, like, “Can you believe this dumb bitch?” but that was not the case at all! 

Face Mapping Skin Analysis from The Buff Day Spa in Dublin, Ireland 

I also chose this particular facial because I am familiar with Dermalogica products and know they are high quality. The facial started with a double cleansing and a more in depth discussion and face mapping to further analyze the skin to ensure the best facial possible. I had an exfoliation treatment (this was a €10 add on), had extractions done, and a vitamin mask since that was what my skin needed. What your skin needs could be totally different, hence the beauty and practicality of this particular facial. You also get a massage on your chest, shoulders and arms towards the end which is an extra nice touch. 

As I expected would happen products to purchase were shown to me at the end. My therapist was not pushy in any way whatsoever which was much appreciated. I did end up purchasing the Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant and so far, I am loving it. I knew it would break me out since yah know, it is pulling a lot of junk out of my skin, but even still, it hasn’t been a breakout that makes you never want to leave the house. While I don’t love having a breakout, I’m relieved knowing the breakout is clearing the skin out to help me hopefully have the best skin of my adult life. 

I learned so much from this facial and I will definitely be adding facials in as a regular part of my skincare regime. I am already booked in for another one in a few weeks! In a perfect world, I would be able to financially and timewise, afford a facial every single Saturday. The Dermalogica Spa Custom Facial is €85 and is 55 minutes. A €25 deposit was needed before my first facial. I totally get that this is not within everyone’s budget. I set aside money for this because it was important to me to speak to a professional about my skin. There are cheaper and more expensive facials out there so there is truly something for everyone. To get started I felt this was best for me but over time I will probably move to the Dermalogica Buff Express Facial for €55 that “is perfect for those short on time or for those who treat their skin to regular facials but who are looking for a little refresher for their skin!” As I get my skin to where I want it to be I will not be splashing out on the €85 as often.

The therapist gave me some good advice that I know I only could have received by visiting a professional. Like I told the therapist, I can only read so many blogs and magazines and try so many products on my own; a professional opinion was exactly what I needed. My big takeaways from the facial are:

Take off your makeup before cleansing your face. I use micellar water and apparently they can label micellar water as ‘alcohol free’ if it has less than 40% alcohol. If you take your makeup off after cleansing your skin (like I was), the alcohol can sit on your skin and dry you out. 

Take your cleanser and exfoliator down your neck – it isn’t all about your face! You don’t want your neck to be aging faster than your face! If you're a regular reader you'll know I live for Glossier Milky Jelly Cleanser!

For me, exfoliating daily is key. That said, it needs to be a light exfoliator to scrub away what is built up during the day, but not so rough that my skin is being damaged. I thought you were only meant to exfoliate once or twice a week before my visit thanks to all my blog and magazine reading. 

Eye cream is not just for under your eyes! Make sure to put it on the outer corners as well as the brow bone, but never on the eyelid. I use the it's potent! dark circle eye cream from Benefit and I love it!

If you have never had a facial and are thinking of getting one, I say do it! My skin immediately looked and felt better after. Adding in the advice of the therapist is already benefiting my skin and I am eager to see how my skin improves as a result of adding facials into my skincare routine. If you live in Dublin I highly recommend a visit to The Buff Day Spa. I definitely want to try the Organic Fabulous Feet Pedicure next! 


DISCLAIMER: This post is not sponsored by The Buff Day Spa. I paid for everything and only wanted to share my experience with trying a facial and spread the word of a great spa in Dublin to locals. As always, I am not a member of any affiliate programs, so I will not make any commission if you do make any purchases from the links included in this post. 

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