I’m Alexandra. An American girl living in Dublin, Ireland. I honestly document my adventures in travel, food, beauty, and expat life on a budget.

Liebster Award Nomination(s)

Liebster Award Nomination(s)

When Wynee from Wynee’s World approached me asking if she could nominate me for a Liebster Award I was happy to be nominated for an award, quickly asked her what it was and then did a quick Google search of the award for good measure! I met Wynee online through an Instagram course we both did and let me just say, she is out here getting it! She recently published her first e-book, Blogging for Buck$. If you haven’t grabbed a copy already you need to because she is sharing all the advice in a straightforward way for a fraction of what the course we met in cost, lol. Wynee’s blog is full of advice and will also give you serious travel envy. Thank you, or should I say, go raibh maith agat, Wynee, for the nomination!   

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The Liebster Awards are a way to discover and to connect smaller blogs within the blogging community. The award was started by The Global Aussie to give blogs with a small number of readers a chance to be discovered. The award is given to bloggers by bloggers. When you are nominated and if you choose to accept, you have to answer a set of questions provided by the blogger who nominates you and then pass a nomination and a new set of questions on to your nominees. The official rules for the 2018 awards can be found here.

Wynee asked 10 questions and my answers are below. My nominees and the 10 questions I am asking them are underneath. Let’s get to it! 

1.    What did you dislike the most about the least favorite place you’ve ever visited?

My least favorite place I have ever visited is Copenhagen. What I didn’t like about Copenhagen was that it just seemed like everyone was the same. It felt robotic and no one seemed to be their own person. I know I can’t judge the entire city’s population on a few people but it just seemed like everyone we encountered was just as boring as the last.

2.    How old were you when you boarded your first plane?

6 months old, I was started young!

3.    What’s your favorite thing about airports?

I love the people watching! You also can’t beat having an airport beer while reading a trashy magazine I wouldn’t normally buy.

4.    What’s something from your childhood that you always think about?

I think about elementary school a lot. I am still friends with my best friend from elementary school and we always talk about people from then or funny things that happened. I went to a really good elementary school in terms of the level of education I received and always had close friends that I made lifelong memories with.

5.    If you could take a wine & design class with anyone (dead or alive) who would it be and why?

Katie Couric!!  I think she is so smart, supportive, funny, and creative. I would love to meet her and the wine wouldn’t hurt the situation! If y’all don’t follow her on Instagram, you really need to for some laughs. I watch every last one of her stories.

6.    What is a random piece of advice that you would give to a middle schooler?

We were always told our grades didn’t count in middle school - I obviously didn’t go to a great middle school. My parents always put emphasis on academics and how important they are. The habits you make in terms of your school work now will follow you so make sure you are putting in the effort now, so it is a habit, and not a chore, later. 

7.    10 years from now do you see yourself still blogging?

I’m not sure. I only started this year and I really enjoy it. I do think if I were to be blogging still the subject matter would be different but if I had been blogging 10 years ago I would have been discussing complete different topics in 2008. It could be interesting if I am to see how I have evolved and what I think is important to write about in 2028.

8.    What is your favorite restaurant from the place that you live and what kind of food do they serve?

I am going to slightly cheat here and answer for my favorite restaurant at home in America and at home in Ireland. In America, it is Waffle House. It is southern diner food and it is my favorite place to eat in the whole world. In Dublin, I love Bunsen. It is just burgers and fries but they’re done so well. Seriously, you have to go if you’re in Dublin.

9.    If there was a movie about an NYC tour guide, which celebrity would you cast to play the part and why?

Hmmm, this question definitely made me think. But I have to say, Robert De Niro. I want the tour guide to actually be from NYC, I want this to be authentic! De Niro has no time for shit (like a real New Yorker) and would give a true tour of NYC, not a typical touristy tour! I think I’m writing the script a bit here too, lol.

10. If you had to name your child your favorite city in the world, what would you name them?

Can I call them Ireland like Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger named their daughter? Dublin wouldn’t be the cutest name! Ireland is also my favorite country sooooo, I think it counts! 

Now that you’ve gotten to know a bit about me, I am going to share my nominations! Each of my nominations are slightly different in terms of content but a love of life abroad is a common theme throughout them all. Make sure you give them a follow!

Laura from Redhead American – Laura is a fellow expat documenting her life in Belfast. She exhibits some of the hippest spots in Belfast (seriously has me lusting for a day trip there soon) and lesser known areas outside of the city. As you can guess from her name, she also has insanely gorgeous red hair. 

Hannah from Joy42 – Another expat, Hannah lives in Birmingham, England with her English husband. Her Instagram is a floral heaven and I love reading about her transition and experiences with life abroad in England. She covers a variety of topics but she has me interested in anything she touches on! She also has a graphics shop that you need to check out for some unique prints.

Hannah from Hannah Harris Ceol – Hannah is a fiddler and a singer with the dreamiest voice. She used to live in Cork where she completed her master’s degree at UCC. She is now living back home in America, spreading her talent in Michigan and beyond! She recently started her blog and it is well worth a read if you’re into music. I can’t wait to meet her IRL next month!

Elijah from A Guy Goes Global - Elijah is an American college student studying in Edinburgh. When he isn’t studying, he goes on some epic trips. He is such an inspiration that young college students can and should be traveling as much and as often as they can! 


My 10 questions for the nominees, in no particular order:

1.    How did you come up with your blog name?

2.    Top 3 travel items you can’t go on a trip without? Passport excluded, because duh. 

3.    What do you find most difficult about blogging?

4.    If you had time to learn any skill, what would you choose?

5.    Did you grow up traveling or is it something you started doing yourself?

6.    What is your least favorite aspect of travel?

7.    Have a travel nightmare? Tell us about it!

8.    Where is somewhere you visited that you thought you weren’t going to like but ended up enjoying?

9.    What do you wish to accomplish with your blog?

10.  How do/did you deal with homesickness?


I can’t wait to read your answers and see who you nominate! 

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