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June 2018 Favourites

June 2018 Favourites

Happy Summer y’all! We are getting a whole week of heat here in Ireland but of course in true Irish fashion, the Irish are complaining about the heat. After having to endure The Beast from the East, I think we deserve it! Anyway, let’s get right to it so we can all get off our phones/computers and enjoy this gorgeous weather!


Queer Eye is back!! I mention in my April 2018 Favourites how much I had been loving season 1 and was looking forward to season 2. It finally dropped on 15 June and I am so proud of the restraint I am showing in not binging all 8 episodes. I truly hope they’re filming season 3 now because I am going to need more once I do finish season 2. I like that this season they aren’t only helping men, it makes it more interesting! Can you believe?

Source: Tumblr

Source: Tumblr


This is so easy and so good that I have already made it three times this month. One of my favourite things about living in Ireland is their dairy (I HATE dairy back home). It is so fresh so putting some fresh Irish butter in with my favourite food ever, shrimp, this meal is heaven for me. It takes no time to make and it is seriously restaurant quality. This is definitely one of our new staple meals…but not too much because as much as that butter is amazing, gotta watch that waistline too.

Isle of Paradis Tanning Drops (Light)


I kept seeing these all over Instagram and voilà, all that influencer marketing worked on me because I went to Boots and dropped €25 on this bottle of liquid gold. The label states to use anywhere from 1 to 12 drops in your moisturizer/lotion, mix together and apply to your skin. 12 seems excessive so I started with 2 and gradually built up to 5. It took a couple of weeks for the colour to reach a point I liked but I much prefer a gradual tan that changing skin tone in 2 seconds. Obviously the more drops you use, the deeper your tan will be. It does state to wash your hands, but this did get caught badly between my fingers. I do think it is a little expensive, but you get a good amount and I think this will last for a while, so it will probably be worth the money. 


A friend and I went to Pot Bellied Pig for their Drag Brunch they are known for. I’m going to cut to the chase - it was UNREAL. If you love drag shows and brunch you have to check it out! The show was amazing and I was pleasantly surprised by how delicious the food was. For €32 each, my friend and I each got a glass of prosecco on arrival, any dish from the brunch menu, and a brownie!  Both of our meals were highly enjoyable and the french toast I saw coming out looked amazing too, I’ll defo be getting that next time! Well worth the money for the show and the food and I will be back again for a drag-less brunch soon.

WHAT I LISTENED TO: Busting out some summer jams on y’all this month. And a few random oldies that crept back into my life recently! 

This month was definitely a bit slower in terms of putting out content to y’all and I do apologize for that, but with my mom visiting I was soaking up all the time I had with her. Two months late, but I did share my Barcelona City Guide with y’all finally! I have also been getting a number of DM’s on Instagram asking about how I moved abroad so I let y’all know The Truth About Moving Abroad to Ireland


I know social media and Instagram aren’t the be all and end all, but Instagram has been super frustrating lately. The algorithm keeps changing and I am personally finding IGTV annoying. It feels as if they are trying to put too much into on app. That could just be me, but I don’t want Snapchat and YouTube in Instagram. What I did want to share though was a victory I had on Instagram and something I am quite proud of! The visitscotland Instagram shared my photo and it got over 25,000 likes on their page. This photo I took while eating an ice-cream cone and then edited in Light room Mobile got that much attention.  It helped bring a lot of traffic to my Instagram and my blog. The photo also posted on this_is_scotland where it got an additional 5,000 likes. This is my first big achievement on Instagram so I am proud of it! I see other people getting re-posted by these huge accounts all the time so it was nice to have a photo I took get some recognition!  

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