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April 2018 Favourites

April 2018 Favourites

Hi y’all! I hope you had a great April! It was still cold in Ireland, but we got to get away to Spain for a week, so I finally got to see and feel the sun after what seems to be a never-ending winter. Would you believe by the end of it though I was ready to come back to the weather at home? I was so hot that I was happy to get out of the heat. You would never guess I grew up somewhere with 100% humidity nearly every day and was basically always in the 30s C/80s F! 

My mom is coming this month and I am beyond excited! I haven’t seen her since Christmas and we are very close, so I am thrilled she will be over for 2 weeks. In other exciting news concerning home and travel, I got tickets for P and I roundtrip to spend Christmas in Nashville for less than €800. Pretty pleased with myself on that one! We will fly from Dublin to London, and from London to Nashville. I am excited to try this new route out as the direct flights to Nashville from London are still a recent enough option. We are flying British Airways and I have never flown them before, but I have a trip booked through them in August so here’s hoping I like them! 

Alright, enough rambles, let’s get down to business and chat all my favourite things from the month of April.


I loved the original Queer Eye, so I was a bit sceptical for a new version. There was no need for me to be though because the new Fab 5 are BRILLIANT! Each guy brings something special to the group besides their skill.  I didn’t let myself binge like I wanted to because I wanted to savour the season for as long as I could! Luckily season 2 has been announced and I am so ready for it. Cute! PS – I cried every single episode so if you cry easy like me, have the tissues ready.



I never thought I would find a toner that even matched the Benefit Moisture Prep Toning Lotion, but I have. I found this toner in TK Maxx for €10 and while the pretty packaging initially had me adding it to my cart, most of it is another language so I did a quick look online and found it on Cloud 10 for €22. It has glycerine, rosemary oil, and lavender oil so I decided to give it a try. I have been using it for a few weeks and it is so soft on my skin, smells amazing, and I can see improvement in my skin already. If it keeps this up I will be spending the €22 on another bottle! 


Remember when I was thinking of trying serums from The Ordinary? I ordered this one after doing a bit of research on what might work best for my skin and for €5.90 this did not disappoint. If you are prone to blemishes (especially around that time of the month) I would recommend spending the money on this. My chin is particularly bad for breaking out but after rubbing 3 drops on my face with focus on the chin each morning and night, I have seen a major improvement. This is quickly making its way onto my very short list of holy grail products. Love, love, love!


Did I need this bag? Absolutely not. Did I want this bag for weeks? You betcha. This was a bag that lingered in my saved items on ASOS, but I just couldn’t justify purchasing. Not to be that person but I don’t typically carry a high street purse. I don’t have anything against them, but I would rather wait for a 75% off Kate Spade sale, pay $100-150 for a good bag and use it for the next 5+ years rather than spend that money on like 5 or 6 high street bags. Anyway, once this bag went on sale for more than 50% of the original pricing and I kept seeing it random photos on Instagram I bit the bullet. Good thing I did because it has since sold out. I don’t use it every single day because it just isn’t big enough to carry all my junk from day to day, but it is so nice for a night out or weekend brunch! 


I have been trying to listen to podcasts for a few weeks because I know they are a much more efficient way to spend my commute than just listening to music. So, when I found out that Jonathan from Queer Eye had a podcast I decided to give it a go and I LOVE it! Basically, Jonathan picks a topic that he is curious about and has a guest that has to do with said topic come on, and they chat. It is a relaxed atmosphere but extremely interesting and informative. I love when the guests finish their thought and if Jonathan agrees he goes, “CUTE!” If you like Jonathan on Queer Eye, then I think you will love this. I am so excited too that the show has now gone from every 2 weeks to once a week, yay! 

And don’t think I would forget to give you my monthly playlist! I can see a shift in my music becoming more for summer in this playlist. Let’s just hope it starts to feel like summer soon. 

This month on the blog I answered the Top 7 Questions I Get Asked About Living Abroad and talked about A Slow (& Sophisticated) Saturday in Dublin. As always, if you would like to contact me to collaborate, to say hi, or have an idea for a post you would like me to do, you can reach me through the contact page, send me a DM on Instagram, message me on Facebook, or send me a tweet on Twitter. Don’t forget to follow me on Bloglovin’ too! 

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