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November 2018 Favourites

November 2018 Favourites

Hi y’all! Welcome back to some more of our more regularly scheduled content. I just couldn’t help myself with all that Christmas content! Christmas has always been my favorite holiday and my favorite time of the year. Now that I am so far from home Christmas is even more special because it also serves as a welcome reminder that I will get to see my mom and dad soon. And that I will also get to eat Waffle House and go to Target! This post will be short but sweet, but I still wanted to share a few things I discovered and loved in November!


DEAR ZACHARY – I know so many of you have probably already seen this because it came out in 2007 but I am LATE to the game. I always saw this pop up on lists on documentaries you have to watch, and I always put it on the back burner which I should not have done. I don’t want to give too much away but it starts as a documentary to Zachary about his father, Andrew who is murdered before he is born but it gets so wild. This has so many depressing twists and turns and I cried through most of it. I was so upset the next day from it and it must have shown because I had multiple coworkers ask me if I was alright! As sad as this story is there is some good that comes out of it and it is worth a watch.


VOLUME SHAKE MASCARA – Rimmel is my absolute favorite drugstore makeup brand and this mascara is quickly becoming a favorite over high street brands. Before I purchased this, I was using 2 Benefit mascaras (Roller Lash and They’re Real!) to get the same effect as I do from this one. This just might be my new go-to!

THE ERASER EYE PERFECT & COVER CONCEALER – I used to use this concealer quite religiously about 5 years ago but ending up finding the applicator to not be the most sanitary. When I saw Jeffree Star using it a good bit I decided to try it again, and I am so happy I did! I only wear concealer under my eyes and this blends perfectly for me in that area. The quantity of concealer you receive is great too for the price you pay.


I am still on a soup kick and these were my favorites this month!

BROCCOLI, CHEESE, & POTATO SOUP – This is so easy, so good, and full of ingredients you already have in the house! This does make a lot, so you might want to freeze some for another day.

CREAMY CHICKEN & SWEETCORN SOUP – Another easy recipe – something you may have noticed I like! If you like sweetcorn you will love this simple and filling soup.

Ingredients and recipe for celery soup

CELERY SOUP – I promise we ate more than soup in our house this month, but I told yah, I’m on a kick and I am putting that new stock pot and hand blender to good use. I was telling a friend how I am looking for new soup recipes and she said, “Do you like celery?” YES. “Do you like dill?” LOVE. She sent me this recipe and it is the easiest soup I’ve made yet and my favorite. The recipe is below if you want to give it a go! 


V NECK BUTTON TIE FRONT TOP – You know how people online joke about picking out an outfit to wear to the living room for Thanksgiving? Well, I saved this shirt to wear to the pub to celebrate Thanksgiving. The color was perfect for the autumn (and coming into winter) and it was flowy enough that my stomach had some room to expand after all that turkey! I love the little tie on the bottom too and had been looking for a shirt like this for some time. I should probably invest in more colors, especially now that it is on sale!

That is going to be all from me for 2018! I will be traveling home to Nashville in a few days and cannot wait to have some downtime with my family and enjoy the holidays/time off. I hope that you all have a restful holiday break and I will see you back here in 2019! I have some content planned but if there is anything you specifically want to see from please let me know in the comments.  Alternatively,  you can contact me here or send me a DM on Instagram.



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