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Holiday Gift Guide: Gifts for Baby

Holiday Gift Guide: Gifts for Baby

I know, I know, a baby guide? But hear me out – most of my readers are at an age where they either have a baby or have a friend or family member that has a baby. You will look like a jerk if you do not purchase said baby a gift. So, to help you out I have compiled 10 gifts for under $/€25!

Wooden Alphabet Puzzle – A quintessential baby toy.

Ball and Blocks Toy Set - I think it is mandatory all babies have these toys!

Musical Rhymes Book -Fully aware this will probably get every song stuck in mom & dad’s head but if baby is happy, does it matter?

Doorway Bumper Jumper – Babies love these and it is so cute to watch them bounce around! Gives mom and dad a break too!

Toy Winkel Raddle – Doubles as a teething tool too!

Playskool Poppin’ Pals – It is an unwritten rule that all babies have this in their collection.

Musical Piano – Their parents might want to kill you, but the baby will love it!

Toy Keys – What baby doesn’t love these?

Soft Book Set – Get them hooked on reading young!

Laugh & Learn Around the Table – The hands-on activities will help the little ones exercise their motor skills and eye-hand coordination. Lights, phrases, music, sounds and textures help give important senses like sight, hearing and touch a boost too!

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