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Holiday Gift Guide: Secret Santa

Holiday Gift Guide: Secret Santa

Let’s be real, buying secret Santa (or Kris Kindle as it is called in Ireland) is hard. It’s harder than buying gifts for your friends, your kids, or your spouse because the gift has to be appropriate for anyone receiving it. These gifts are usually gag gifts and while I think that’s fine, I think you should also strive to bring something to the exchange that the person receiving it can get some sort of use from. Or at the least bring something they can re-gift. When I was writing this post, I had it my in mind that most people would be doing a Secret Santa at work. I know some bigger families do Secret Santa to reduce costs, so if you’re a part of a family that does that my other gift guides will be of more use to you. 

This guide is a bit different because Secret Santa usually has a set budget. Anytime I have participated in Secret Santa the budget has always been set at $20/€20 so that is what I decided to stick with on here. So, with further ado, 10 gift ideas that are appropriate for guys and gals in the office.

Wine Bottle Opener - A useful gift that I am sure they’ll get plenty of use out of over the holiday season.

Hot Water Bottle – I got a hot water bottle in our office Kris Kindle last year and it was the best Kris Kindle gift I have ever received. Great for if you have a cold office (like I do)!

Portable Humidifier – Sitting in a stuffy office can be gross. This humidifier is perfect to detox from their desk.

Shower Radio – These are the and they’ll use it more than they think! 

Avocado Keeper – Kind of a gag gift, but still serves a purpose! 

If You Can Read This Funny Saying Socks – Everyone likes pizza and we all need a pair of cozy socks during the winter. Win-win. 

Cold Brew Coffee Pot – I don’t really get cold brew coffee but people like it. Anything with coffee is a safe gift to give in these situations! 

Tea Infuser Leaf Strainer  – Just like cold brew coffee, I don’t really get loose tea but people really freakin’ like it. For less than a fiver you could make a tea lovers day with this. 

Fruit Infuser Water Bottle – We all need water so why not give them a bottle that will make them want to get those daily liters in. 

Wireless Touch Portable Speaker Boom Box – Another speaker, I know. But maybe they’re a weirdo who doesn’t like to have a shower concert every night. 

Be sure to come back on Friday for the next gift guide!  

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