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Roman Holiday - A Packing Guide for Rome

Roman Holiday - A Packing Guide for Rome

Way back when in October 2017,  P and I went to Rome for 5 magical days. I like to look nice on holidays but I had heard Italians like to dress up more than other parts of Europe. I kept this in mind when packing while still staying true to my own style. It was also extremely warm for us when we visited (around 23C/74F) so we had to dig out our summer clothes for this visit! When packing for a city break I also try to keep the clothes I bring to a minimum because I only do a carry-on bag unless I am going away for more than a week. Everything tagged here is similar in style to what I brought with me. Please note, I am not a member of any affiliate programs, so I will not make any commission if you do purchase any of the items linked or tagged in this post. 

1.     Straw hat – Hats are the one thing I can really pull off. I, without tooting my own horn, can rock pretty much any hat. I wanted a hat for our trip to Italy and for the trip to Spain. I am not one for a lot of accessories so this hat is practical and adds a little extra something to each of my outfits I packed.

2.     Patterned Dress – A patterned dress is a must-pack item for me when traveling. They can be dressed up or down, but either way they just look a little more put together with little effort. I also love a dress in warmer weather so it doesn’t feel like my clothes are melting onto me. My favorite one to take is a floral midi-dress from Oasis that I bring on nearly every trip.

3.     Embroidered Flowy Top – I love, love, love flowy tops. Alright, I actually love flowy clothes in general. These light-weight embroidered tops are nicer than just regular t-shirts and perfect for the heat.

4.     Jeans – I only usually pack 1 pair of jeans with me – either light-wash or dark-wash. Dark is usually a better option because if you do get them dirty along the way it is easier to hide. I use these jeans throughout the trip to match with the tops I bring. Jeans are good for nighttime too when some places  can get a bit chillier.

5.     Flowy Blouse – Please see number 3 for my feelings on flowy tops. Blouses I find are better during the day when it can be a bit warmer.

6.     Jumpsuit – I live for a jumpsuit. I love patterned jumpsuits that can be worn casually or dressed up like the one tagged here. No surprise I’m sure, but I am particularly fond of jumpsuits with flowy legs.

7.     Leather Cross-body – During a day of sight-seeing I typically carry my Longchamp Le Pliage backpack. But for night I like a chic cross-body that I can just throw on without hassle. The smaller, the better because the less paranoid I am about losing things/having money stolen out of it.

8.     Denim Jacket – My 14 year-old jean jacket is 100% a travel essential no matter where I am going or the length of the trip. Planes can be cold, outfits might need extra oomph, and in desperate times the jacket can serve as a pillow.

9.     Sunglasses – Much like a patterned dress, you won’t catch me on holidays without sunglasses. So many people remember sun-cream for their skin on holidays but don’t give a second thought to protecting their eyes. Growing up in Florida taught me that while sunglasses are great for hiding tired/hungover faces, they actually serve a purpose too, people! In my opinion classic Ray-Ban Wayfarers can't be beat.

10.  Gladiator Sandals – Why would I not pack Gladiator sandals for Rome?? But in all honesty, I have a pair almost identical to these that I wear as much as one can wear sandals in an Irish summer. I will admit they aren’t always the most comfortable, but they do match all my outfits and I will occasionally take that over my own comfort.

For all things Rome, make sure to check out Rome If You Want To - A Guide to The Eternal City for the best times to visit, where to stay, restaurants and bars you have to try, and the attractions that can't be missed. 

One more thing - I love to hear from y’all! If you have any specific questions about packing for Rome, please don’t be shy about reaching out. You can leave me a comment below, send me a DM on Instagram, message me on Facebook or send me a tweet on Twitter. Don’t forget to follow me on Bloglovin' and Pinterest too! 

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