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Dining in Dublin: Fia

Dining in Dublin: Fia

Brunch at Fia in Dublin, Ireland 

I recently ate at Fia solo after hearing quite a few people mention how good it was. I have to admit I was still buzzing from the week before when I tried my newest brunch love, Beckett & Bull. I was so excited to try another new brunch place, but sadly, Fia did not live up to the hype that I had heard about it and somewhat created in my own mind.

First off, the staff seemed to be completely thrown out of the loop that someone would eat alone. I was asked multiple times by one particular member of staff, “Is it just you? You’re sure no one else is joining you?” Um, yes, I am positive. *rolls eye*

The overall size of the restaurant is small, but they have done a good job with the space they have in terms of the arrangement of the tables and chairs. The décor is simple, trying to be hip but they’re not exactly sure how. The ever-present hipster chalkboard to display over-priced drink options is around, lit by non-other than copper light fixtures seen in every other hipster/wannabe hipster establishment these days. How original.

Tea served in a tetsubin teapot at Fia in Dublin, Ireland

The service is mediocre at best. There was more than enough wait-staff around for the size of the place yet there never seemed to be anyone around when they were needed. I have to say that the staff suddenly become much more attentive when you go to pay and the tip jar is conveniently right in front of you.

The food was only okay. You can see the kitchen somewhat from the seating area and the chef had a lot of hair and a big beard and none of it was covered. This grossed me out. I know the place is hip, but guess what is super hip y’all!! HACCP!!! I don’t expect a full beard to be covered but I was in fear of finding hair in my food. I am happy to report though that there was no hair in my meal!

Harissa Eggs at Fia in Dublin, Irleand 

I had the Harissa Eggs for my meal. This consists of crispy fried eggs, harrisa crème fraiche, Greek feta, paprika butter, dukkah and fresh herbs with Le Levain sourdough. I also added the Gubbeen Chorizo. Not too much to report on here as it wasn’t stellar. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve eaten worse food but I wouldn’t be rushing to come back and get this again. I also had the breakfast tea and it came out in a tetsubin teapot. A bit weird as this isn’t a Japanese restaurant. Then to top it off, the cup it is served with has no handles! I couldn’t comfortably pick my tea up to drink it. Yeah, the cup looked pretty, but it wasn’t practical. I think that actually pretty much sums up the restaurant – pretty but not practical.

Fia seems like the type of place that people that are nearly 30 and their parents still pay their rent would eat. Y’all know exactly who I’m talking about, and don't act like you don't. I would rather walk the few extra minutes down the road to Beckett & Bull for brunch. 

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