I’m Alexandra. An American girl living in Dublin, Ireland. I honestly document my adventures in travel, food, beauty, and expat life on a budget.

Meet Candid Alexandra!

Meet Candid Alexandra!

expat blogger in Europe

Hi everyone! And by everyone, I mean probably mostly me because I am just starting this blog. Why start a blog though when everyone and their mom seems to have one? I have found myself wanting to write more and more recently but not having any real reason to. Writing has always been something I enjoyed doing and have always been told I’m quite good at. Now it seems the only thing I write are work emails and that is just not fulfilling. Anyway, I have been thinking about it and finally decided to put pen to paper…or fingers to keyboard. To kick off I thought I would do a ’10 Facts About Me’ so you can get to know who I am a little better. Plus, I think we are all a little nosey and like to read them. 

1.     I completed my undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in 4.5 years. Both degrees are in social sciences/humanities so I wrote A LOT in that time. See what I mean when I say I like writing?

2.     When I was in kindergarten I used to bring the Men in Black VHS tape (yes, tape) with me to school every day in my 101 Dalmatians lunchbox. I just didn't want to leave home without it! 

3.     I am an only child. My most only child tendency is definitely the need for a lot of ‘me’ time.

4.     I am that person in the shop who will loudly and proudly speak up when being overcharged. Even if it is only by a euro or two. It all adds up in the end!

5.     I refuse to pretend I love NYC and London. I have been to both multiple times and I while I can appreciate them, they aren’t for me.

6.     I collect a postcard from each city I visit for my souvenir.

7.     I send more snail mail than anyone I know. “You’re the only person who sends me real mail” is a text from friends I get quite often. I think it is sweeter than a message over the phone and is a memory to keep.

8.     When I lived in America I lived in Georgia, Florida, North Carolina, and Tennessee. I wouldn’t describe myself as a Southern Belle but I do love a good monogram.  

9.     I am severely allergic to cats. If I see one even across the road I usually jump in fear. I hate them. And to be honest, I think I would hate them even if I weren’t so allergic because they seem mean.

10.  I LOVE my crock pot. I will find a way to make nearly any meal in it to avoid having to actually cook.

I am sure you will learn more as we go along but that is it for now! If you would like to contact me to collaborate or just to say hi, you can reach me through the contact page, send me a DM on Instagram, message me on Facebook, or send me a tweet on Twitter. Don’t forget to follow me on Bloglovin’ too! 



Dining in Dublin: Beckett & Bull

Dining in Dublin: Beckett & Bull